A podcast-focused company to help companies get their messages to customers across clearly.

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Welcome to NoJo Creative!

My name is Noah Jones, and I'm the founder of NoJo Creative. I fell in love with telling stories as a professional journalist.

I started editing, hosting and producing podcasts in 2018 as an award-winning multimedia journalist in Ohio. It was there I discovered my passion for writing and podcast producing, editing and using audio to tell intimate, memorable and interesting stories. Now, I have created an independent podcast and copywriting company to help others have a product to be proud of sharing with the world.

I want to help companies reach their ideal client by sharing stories and creating content that will leave impressions through story telling. We're seeing a shift in consumers wanting to know more about the companies they support. Podcasting is one of the best ways to create intimacy and a relationship with the customer -- allowing them to understand the voice of a company and turning them into true fans.


If you think your company is ready for a new type of marketing approach, I'm your guy.

This is a short video I created about my path from a love of sports to a love of podcasting.

Consultancy/How to get started calls
Wondering where to begin? What tools do I use? How do I find listeners? I can help guide total newbies and those looking to make changes.


From minimising pen drops on desks to making intro music blend well with the podcast, I've done it all!


I can offer a quality, brief write up to share your work with your audience to increase engagement.


Includes consultations with the host(s) and team,

research, podcast episode ideation, reaching out to guests, and podcast editing


Need a little help getting attention? My press kits have helped Twitter, P&G, Coca-Cola and others notice my clients brand and form partnerships.


With experience in a newsroom and years of copywriting experience, I know how to attract the attention of journalists using AP Style, quotes and research.


“Noah phenomenally articulated our 15-minute discussion into a well-thought out press package for us that we've been able to leverage other opportunities from. And the best part... he was able to do all this in under 48 hours. Highly recommended."

Joe Knopp, Founder of Ripple

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“I have worked with Noah across a variety of projects ranging from article writing, press release strategy, podcast production, and general business development strategy. Consistently, Noah has demonstrated a unique ability to combine his past experiences with a visionary heart. This combination results in content that is not only expertly executed, but also purposefully strategized. Noah has been, and will continue to be, my priority partner for podcasting and all journalistic article writing/PR. As a content specialist myself, there are few people that I am willing to trust with content. I can without-a-doubt say that I would not be operating at the scale I am currently capable of without Noah's assistance.” 

Jan Almasy, founder of Apex Communications

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"Noah Jones has been instrumental in helping me to translate my brand into a blog and podcast. I like to think of my business -- IndeCollective -- as the "modern MBA for the modern, independent worker" and, with Noah's support, I've been able to translate our coursework and speakers into an engaging podcast and blog that has extended our reach and engaged a broader audience in ways that weren't previously possible."

Sam Lee, Founder and CEO of IndeCollective